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Bumpers (2017). Lyrics by Dan Zlotnick

Driving eastbound on I-4 on my way to see a show

Bumper to bumper, moving so damn slow

Girl pulls up in a beat up Ford, tears pouring down like rain

Don’t know what has her but I wish I could wish away the pain

Remind her that she's not alone, we all hurt the same

Traffic clears up and she’s gone off through another lane



Get to the show, got plenty of time

I grab a beer before my seat

Get in line and I see my sad girl, she’s waiting in front of me

I said I hope you don’t mind darling but this round’s on me



I pay the man, she says I owe you one

I said you don’t owe me a thing

And all you owe yourself is to be happy, breathing, free

‘Cause nothing bad here lasts forever and there ain’t no other way to be

And she said you enjoy the show, thanks for the smile, and thanks for talking to me



Driving westbound on I-4 on my way home from a show

Bumper to bumper, moving so damn slow

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