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Dan Zlotnick has been called "the Americana voice of Westchester [County, NY]" because he writes songs that make any stage feel like your living room. His lyrics descend from Americana’s favorite storytellers, and his strong and textured voice fronts a medley of ​sounds that keeps his shows fresh and engaging. Some of his songs are as comforting as the couch where you have your most intimate conversations, while others excite you to move the coffee table and dance around the room with a smile on your face. With his authentic stories, heartfelt songs, and intricate guitar work, Dan makes every show feel like a night in with your closest friends. For more information, visit

Elephants (single) (2020)
1. Elephants

Fingerprints (single) (2020)
1. Fingerprints

All I Need to Know (EP/singles) (2021)
1. About Damn Time
2. The Long Haul
3. I'm Not Leaving
4. Without Fruit
5. Park Bench Daydream
6. Where Do I Stand?

1. Karaoke in Koreatown

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