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Don't Worry, Kid (single) (2023). Lyrics by Dan Zlotnick

Tell your friends there’s a party in town            
A little clearing in the woods by my house           
I got some booze, pills, and weed for the crowd      
Park in the cul-de-sac and walk yourself down      
Don’t worry kid the cops almost never show           
Don’t worry kid the worst they’d do is tell us to go home   

A few miles south in District 13
Like clockwork cops working the streets
Stop-and-frisk the first kid that they see
A couple grams put him in the back seat
Don’t worry kid you’ll only get what you deserve
Don’t worry kid justice lives and always will be served

Prosecutor files 50 false claims                
Fill the quota, satisfy the DA
The plea deal is looking better each day
Four years and then he’ll be on his way
But don’t tell the kid what the prison tag will do
Don’t tell the kid a felony is always chained to you

A good morning to us cul-de-sac kids
Text messages recall what happened
Cops came, flashed their lights, that was it
I gotta go, my tutor’s here for a bit
Don’t worry kid I’m sure you’ll ace the test 
Don’t worry kid the next four years in college are the best 

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