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Dan Zlotnick - EP (2016). Lyrics by Dan Zlotnick

There’s a world above the ground 

A subway car has never found

But heard about from kids like us

Tales don’t tend to rise like heat

Their death occurs at the street

But today that’s not the way that it was


I had to stop at Christie Station

I looked up and saw your face and

I felt like I had touched the third rail

The way your lips pushed up your cheeks

As you refused to take my seat

And all my plans derailed 


Oh, oh, oh

Oh, oh, oh 

Oh, oh, oh 

Oh, oh, oh 

I thought to ask how was your day 

And a million other things to say

But nothing made it off my tongue

Before I knew it we had stopped

And you were walking until you hopped

Up the stairs and out onto Yonge


Oh, oh, oh 

Oh, oh, oh 

Oh, oh, oh 

Oh, oh, oh 

I think for my own sanity

Convince myself it’s vanity

You weren’t really looking my way

When you’re on the backs of my eyelids

I say the words I never did

And I just might know your name

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