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As a mostly self-taught guitarist, I love helping guitarists of all levels take their playing to the next level. For me, playing guitar is all about learning the skills that help me cover and write the songs that I love the most.


A personalized, commissioned song makes for an unforgettable gift. You give me the details of the story, and I'll transform it into an original song and high quality recording that you and your loved ones can cherish forever.


Creating a song from thin air can feel quite daunting, and I'm here to help! Whether you have some ideas floating around, or want to see what's in your heart, I am happy to meet with you and get your ideas into a song you'll love.


Want to add my vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass, banjo, ukulele, harmonica, or other talents to your record? I can join you in the studio or send you high quality recorded stems with a nice quick turnaround from my fully functional home studio!


Sometimes we performers feel like we could use a boost in finding the right gigs and connecting with audiences, and a few handy tips and tricks can mean all the difference when it comes to gathering and keeping dedicated fans. 


And now for something completely different...I teach throwing and pitching to players of all skill levels, and hitting and fielding up through high school level. Remote or in-person training options available!


Remote or in-person options available for all services.

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